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Detectable Underground Warning Tape FAQ’s

What makes the tape detectable?

The innovative design of 2 stainless steel wires running through the tape allow it to be detectable iwht use of metal detectors.

How deep can the tape be buried in the ground?
It is a recommendation that the detectable tape be buried no more than 30cm below ground level.
Can I put my company logo on the tape?

Yes! One of the features of us manufacturing all the tapes in our factory is that personalisation is available when required. We will however, ensure that the tape still adheres to the standards that need to be met.

What are the standards and approvals?

The standards and approvals are as below:
• “Premium grade” manufactured to ENA-TS 12-23 Issue 3, 2013
• Approvals from utility companies from around the world

Both of which we have and can provide further information if requested.

What's the specification of the tape?

The tapes specification is clearly marked within each listing however the general spec is as below:
Length – 365m
Width – 150mm
Stainless stell wiring integrated within the poly tape. You can download our product specificaiton as a PDF if you wish to keep it on file.

Is the tape available in any other language?

Yes! We can produce the tape in any language and format required. Please use the contact us page or the Custom build link to get a quotation for your order.

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